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Emit as Little Carbon Dioxide as Possible

Carbon dioxide emissions trapped in our atmosphere cause global warming which cause climate change that affects animal’s habitats, melting polar ice caps, rising sea level and many more dangerous effects.  To help with this, we should do one or more of the following: drive more efficiently, don’t eat as much red meat, plant trees, make your home more energy efficient and reduce air travel.


Support Bees

Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem. They help plants to reproduce. Without them, crops would die and the world will starve.  The bees are rapidly disappearing, so here’s something you can do to help the bees:  plant some bee-friendly flowers that produce nectar and pollen.


Avoiding GMO foods

GMO seeds and food are known to have chemicals in them that are lab-created and are bad for people’s bodies and also bad for the environment.  One thing you can do to avoid these is to buy organic foods at your store and even better at farmer’s markets.


Being Involved in our Community

Promoting peace in the world is something we all want, but that idea is vastly overwhelming. You can help promote peace by doing things just in your own community.   Here’s a few ways:  become familiar with your neighbors and community; plan peaceful events like a community picnic/potluck or get-together at a park; volunteer; attend community events.



The U.S is the leading country for producing waste in landfills.  292.4 million tons to be exact.  The top 3 waste products in landfills are food, paper/paperboard and plastics which most of those products can be recycled.  You can do your part by recycling paper/paperboard and plastics (even if you don’t get paid for them), and as an example for food, starting a compost bin with food scraps.


Conserving Wastewater

Our oceans are so polluted with waste, chemicals, spills and more, that many species that live there are being endangered and extinct. One very simple thing you can do today right now, that isn’t being done enough, is to conserve water so excess wastewater does not spill into the oceans.


“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” (J Krishnamurti)

“A people who lose their vision, perish” (Proverbs)

  • Our ancestors lived in peace for over 2 million years
  • But when we became self-aware, we began giving away our peace, passion, and purpose
  • Today millions of humans globally are powerless, angry, and frustrated
  • But we must stop putting band aids on symptoms and fix the problem at its root
  • Root cause: We are living in collision with our natural human design
  • We MUST return to peace
  • You give us enough info to contact you (no cost or obligation)
  • We reply and begin a dialogue by asking “What would a global grassroots vision have to include to be life-changing FOR YOU?!”
  • As thousands reply, we begin publishing The Vision
  • The Vision is so appealing that millions globally are strongly attracted and join
  • Finally, you have a voice! – communities communicate globally for support and safety
  • People, in their communities everywhere, return to living in harmony with their natural design
  • Governments and corporations return to SERVING US, their citizens and customers
  • Corruption, manipulation and violence rapidly disappear