What is a human being?

What is a human being?

We’re Community Groove, a group of authors and researchers with a vision for a life in harmony with our human design, a life in harmony with Earth and the rest of life on it. We set out over 5 years ago to dig back in our pre-history, to ask ourselves “What is a human being?” – To find out who and what we truly are. Here’s what we found:

  • Human beings live in groups, extended families, communities – have lived that way for over 2 million years
  • Living face-to-face, intimately, creates a passion and shared purpose
  • Children raised in this way become healthy, mature, prepared adults

We also found that:

When you take community away, the passion and purpose seeps away and is ultimately lost
We have an exciting goal, the building of a global grassroots movement designed to take our power, passion and purpose back. In future blogs we’ll give you lots to think about, so … come back soon!

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