Why is the U.S. gridlocked, divided, and dysfunctional?  How has it happened that our government, which functioned effectively for most of our brief history, has become completely incompetent and unresponsive?

  • It is in their interest NOT to do anything. By making things more complicated, passing more laws, creating confusion by connecting riders to bills and laws, and granting under-the-table favors to corporations and rich individuals in exchange for money (donations, outright bribes), they take on more power, cement their own job security through complexity and failed promises, and amass large sums of money (which comes from you and I).  Why would they want to make America better?  It is already ideal (to them).
  • Take any issue that government should own – immigration and the economy are 2 I can think of – and, a question: Why can’t our representatives sit across the table and hammer out a solution that includes input from both sides.  It will be the best they can do at the time, and certainly can be modified downstream if need be.  And because it is a compromise solution, all sides and all of us need to know that solutions of this nature are not going to be perfect.  Then they bring the solution to us, their constituents, before implementing it.  After a time changes may be needed and can be made.  The alternative is to draw a line based on party, and then to refuse to do anything year after year (i.e. for immigration, or for balancing the budget and paying down our debt).  That is what is being done now.
  • MANY other issues (gay rights, drugs, abortions, education, helping the poor and needy) should not be addressed at the federal level at all, and should be handled individually on a state-by-state basis. States and local governments know their culture, their issues and their needs in ways that a detached, one-size-fits-all, federal juggernaut does not and can never.

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