We’ve had the “lesser-of-two-evils” feeling about our national elections through many election cycles, extending back to Richard Nixon, Harry Truman, and even further.  However, the current election and candidates are truly disturbing.  Many feel that the United States is at a crossroads – we are at a crucial point in our short history which could spell our very quick demise (quick meaning within 1-2 decades, that is 10-20 years).

“Don’t be silly.  The U.S. is a superpower.”

So was Russia. Yet Russia, China, India are all in the ascendency.  These countries are aligning with countries in the Middle East, who have billions of dollars of western wealth (the U.S. is on the losing end of the largest transfer of wealth in human history). And while these mega-countries are ascending, the west (mainly Europe and the U.S.) are struggling, being inundated with migrants, falling into serious debt.  Worse, the once proud peoples of Europe and the U.S. are dematuring.  In the U.S., health is seriously declining (children now live shorter lives than their parents).  And U.S. youth are struggling in other ways. Suicide is the second greatest killer of youth; youth are now less educated than their parents, and are earning less.  These are trends that the U.S. has never seen, downward spirals in statistics that had gone steadily up since our country was founded 230 years ago.

So … are you angry, angry at the current low state of U.S. politics, economics, and general lack of national health?  You have EVERY right to be.  But who or what are you angry at?  This is an important question that must be answered.  Here’s something to think about:  politics at its worst = people at their worst.  We can’t fix a problem if we don’t understand the dynamics or the root cause of that problem, i.e:

  • What IS the problem?
  • When was it created?  By whom?
  • What was the thinking, the reasons, the justification, the decisions?
  • What have been the effects (positive and negative)?
  • What has changed in the interim?
  • Based on a complete assessment, do we remain on the present path or chart a new direction and course?

Would you like our young to again be given the tools for a 100% life (as were all Americans up to the last couple of generations)? Then make the following your vision, your goal, your top priority, the thing you’d give your life for:  TO LIVE IN HARMONY WITH YOUR HUMAN DESIGN (which is living in groups, communities, in intimate relations with other humans).  If you simply vow to make this the priority of your heart, we (you and I) can literally change our world.  Follow my blog on the main-page to learn more.

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