How did it come to this?  How did we the people wind up with these two candidates for President of the United States?

On one side, we have Donald Trump.  The multi-billionaire and former Democrat who cannot keep his mouth shut long enough to possibly unite the Republican Party that he has done such an excellent job of polarizing.  It seems that every few days we hear about some ridiculous statement he’s made.  His latest controversial statements include calling on second amendment supporters to stop Hillary.  Whether he was truly implying that he wants them to resort to violence is still up for debate.  In the same few days he also called Barack Obama the founder of ISIS, which he reaffirmed on a radio talk show the follow day before going to twitter to say he was being sarcastic.  You never can tell with Donald if he is being genuine or sarcastic considering he so often has to backpedal or accuse the media of misconstruing his words.

On the other hand, we have former first lady and Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.  Hillary has managed through the course of her political career, to also polarize the Democratic Party.  Her decision making in Benghazi and use of an illegal private email server have managed to ostracize herself from many run of the mill Democrats.  Her latest mishap is related to, of course, the Clinton Foundation.  It has recently been uncovered in the 30,000 “private emails” that were never turned over to the FBI that Hillary used her position in the State Department to play favors for those who contributed hefty donations to her and Bill’s Foundation.  She is now under fire for recommending them for positions within the State Department and passing on the information and her support to those that make hiring decisions.

To top it all off, the two of them used to be good friends and their respective daughters, Chelsea and Ivanka, still are good friends!

Is it just me or are we truly in a position where we are being forced to pick from the lesser of evil this election?  What are your thoughts on this?  If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page:

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