Presidential Election 2016 – Bad Situation? Or VICTORY!?!?

Presidential Election 2016 – Bad Situation? Or VICTORY!?!?

The word which best describes the current state of U.S. political and presidential affairs is –frustration.  So let’s take a fresh look at our options, to find one that millions of us could feel good about.

The obvious first option is the all-too-familiar lesser-of-2-evils decision.  Admitting that Washington beltway politics has lost any hope of doing work and making choices that will benefit ‘we, the people,’ we decide that regardless we will vote for the person or party or ideology that we feel is less bad.  That’s a bad option because whoever wins, we still have a corrupt government, so little or nothing was gained.

Or we can make a statement, either by not voting or be voting for a 3rd party candidate.  While it is true that if millions of us united around this option it would make a statement, it is also a bad option because it amounts to basically throwing our vote away.  One of the 2 current candidates will still win, and we end up with the same no-win outcome as mentioned just above.

Let’s go deeper – do a root-cause analysis.  If the system, the Washington political machine, is broken, and we just keep electing one ego-maniac after another into the presidency (POTUS), the legislature (senate and house – LOTUS), and the judicial (judges and especially those on the supreme court – SCOTUS), we are simply putting “good money after bad” (continuing to support a broken system that is no longer serving us).

What if, completely independently from the election or the voting process, millions of us unite in delivering the following message:


  • If it’s business as usual, WE DON’T WANT EITHER CANDIDATE OR PARTY
  • If it’s business as usual, we don’t want ANY of the current crop of senators and representatives
  • If it’s business as usual, we don’t want the judges and their “decisions,” especially those of the supreme court
  • Instead we want our freedom back. We want the size and scope of government and politics reduced to its proper role (as public servant).  Except for the clearly defined duties of government, we will make our own choices and decisions in our states, communities and families
  • Return the tremendous cost (cost of our huge bureaucracy; $ billions to foreign countries who hate us; massive interest on our $18 trillion+ debt; waste; contracts-awarded-to-donors-and-favorites; donations-from-the-rich-in-return-for-favors) to YOU AND I in our states, communities and families
  • Put a complete halt to the corporate-government collusion that allows $ billions to be spent bribing politicians and influencing votes in order to gain corporate profits at the expense of you and I, the citizens. Banks, oil companies, pharmaceuticals, the Monsantos and their ilk, are obvious examples.  Let businesses do business, but sever ANY AND ALL ties (especially monetary ones) between businesses/corporations and the government/political machine.

If we were smart, we would stop right there; deliver the above decree; and STAND FIRM IN UNITY.

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