ISIS-Inspired(?) Stabbing in Virginia

ISIS-Inspired(?) Stabbing in Virginia

Currently, a case is under investigation by the FBI as a possible terrorist attack on Wednesday night.  A 20 year old, Wasil Farooqui, allegedly shouted “Allah Akbar” – or God is Great – before stabbing a man and a woman in a random attack.  Both victims are in the hospital right now with severe stab wounds.  Farooqui is being charged with two counts aggravated malicious wounding.

A source with the FBI stated that they are investigating whether or not the attack was possibly inspired by ISIS.  Although there could be merit to these claims, to me personally, ISIS seems like the go to scapegoat for the news and media to blow stories up and continue the fear mongering against Islam and Middle Eastern culture.  There is no evidence that the attacker had any correlation to any single terrorist organization, nonetheless ISIS. It’s simply because of his name and his alleged shouting that it is being deemed as a likely terrorist attack.

Many people will likely disagree with me here, but hear me out.  The media loves stories like this.  If it bleeds it leads and if you can relate it to ISIS, even better.  Why is this case?  Wouldn’t stories like this, if anything, inspire more unstable people to carry out attacks?  I think the media needs to buckle down and quit publicizing these events like crazy.

It seems to me that this is representative of a bigger problem with society.  Why do the media lead with images and ideas of violence and terror?  What is it about society that makes us want to read these twisted stories over other more pleasant headlines?  Tell me your thoughts on this.

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