We are all tired of hearing about the mishaps of Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and Republican nominee, Donald Trump.  It’s every few days that Clinton has a new scandal related to her private email server and that Trump says something completely outlandish.  This has become the norm for presidential politics this election season.

But, did you know that there are other options?  I will admit now, I’m not in particular support of any individual candidate, third party or not, but it needs to be brought to attention that Jill Stein is gaining some serious trends in online searches.  Today alone, Green Party’s Jill Stein has already resulted in over 20,000 searches on Google.

This is all due to a town hall that she appeared on last night held by CNN.  Stein spent a large portion of her time at the event discussing how troubling she finds both of the main two-party candidates and said she would, “have trouble sleeping at night”, if either were elected.

Stein, although lacking in the polls, believes she can attract a large number of people suffering from student debt (43 million people).  She hopes to abolish the debt entirely, so that money can be invested in others places in the economy.

She also has plans, if elected, to make higher level education free, to fix our national healthcare system, and to cut military spending in half, while simultaneously ending the U.S. drone program.  While some of her ideas may seem nice on paper, I can’t help but wonder how realistic they may be.

Stein has brought up on a number of ocassions that the current election system is unfair.  In order for her, or Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, to perform at a national debate, they need to come in at 15% in the national polls.  Johnson is performing at about 8% and Stein is around 3%.  I personally agree.  We need to know what our options are, especially in a time where so many run of the mill Republicans and Democrats are unhappy with their party’s candidates.  It could be that the reason our third party candidates poll so low is entirely due to lack of awareness.  Throwing them on stage with Trump and Clinton would definitely garner more attention.

What are your thoughts on this?  Would you ever consider voting third party?  Should they be allowed at the debates?

Are Gary Johnson or Jill Stein feasible candidates?

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