Donald Trump Visits Mexico

Donald Trump Visits Mexico

It struck me as surprising this morning, when I first heard that Donald J. Trump had been invited to Mexico for a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.  Even more surprising, it was President Nieto who invited Mr. Trump to attend the meeting.

Nieto and Trump have a history that is not so pleasant, unsurprisingly.  Trump has, in the past, called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists and insinuated that the Mexican government is “sending” its worst people to the United States.  I can see why Nieto might take offense to such statements.

This outward xenophobia that has resonated with so many people in our country (and even abroad) is another symptom of the sickness in our society.  We use scapegoats to distract ourselves from the real problem.  Is it easier to blame the Mexicans that to accept the responsibility that we as American citizens have given up our power and let the government take immense control of our and our children’s lives.

But, we can take it back.  We need to quit blaming others for our incompetence. We need to accept responsibility and work together (even with Mexicans!) to take back what is rightfully ours: a life full of freedom, love, and passion.

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