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The Golden Rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we humans lived by the Golden Rule?  It’s not that complicated, in fact it is utter simplicity itself – we simply take every action, make every decision, as if we were the one being […]


What’s not to like about Artificial Intelligence?  Planes that fly themselves; GPS’s that take us anywhere we want to go; self-driving vehicles; computers and calculators that make writing and basic mathematics obsolete. These conveniences are useful.  They are also addictive.  As we become more and more and more dependent on electronics and computers and smartphones, […]


Do the Earth, the rest of life on it, animals, children, the poor, have rights?  Do they have a voice? There are 7 billion human souls currently on Earth.  Do any of us have a voice?  I live in a self-proclaimed free country, a democracy (government by the people), actually a republic (which IS a […]


We work hard and sacrifice for the money we make.  This is true of everyone, all 7 billion of us. We should take home about 90% of the money we make – sadly that figure for most is closer to 50%.  Talk about brainwashing – we focus on our gross income (for instance, “I make […]


We humans are pretty smart – right?  We consider ourselves the most intelligent of all living species, currently living and extinct.  We have even designated ourselves as sub-species homo sapiens sapiens, which means intelligent, intelligent species homo. Our ancestors created tools, weapons, art.  Modern humans have excelled in medicine, science and technology, and have even […]


  Former President Ronald Reagan described the issue confronting America prior to his presidency.  The situation he describes has escalated by a factor of 1000, and I STRONGLY suggest you listen to his message: I do not call myself a republican, but I AM conservative.  So his philosophy resonates with me.  But there is something […]


The Big Bang happened 13 billion years ago.  Earth was created 4 billion years ago.  Life began 3 billion years ago.  Primates like monkeys and humans first emerged 6 million years ago, and our human ancestors became a branch of that tree 3 million years ago.  So, for example, Lucy, Australopithecus, walking around on 2 […]

GOVERNMENTS: Restoring a Sound Economy

Greece experienced it.  Guatemala and the United States are experiencing it.  When governments run up millions in debt, ballooning in money and power, the average citizen doesn’t object.  Why should they?  Who is stupid enough to turn down free money?  But later, when the debts needed to be repaid, the attitude of the citizenry was […]

THE ENVIRONMENT: Melting of ice caps and glaciers

Ice is white.  Ocean water is black.  Black absorbs heat and sunlight, white reflects it.  So when humans affect our climate by as little as a single Fahrenheit degree, we activate the multiplier effect of turning reflective white ice into heat-absorbing black ocean water. Does the Earth go through cycles of warming and cooling?  Yes.  […]

PEACE: Our Natural Human Design

Peace – one of those feel-good words.  But do we even know what it means?  Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t.  It defines peace as the absence of conflict, but that’s like defining love as the absence of hate.  Every living thing has conflict – that’s how we grow, learn, mature.  Peace is more than the absence of […]


Look to nature to see how to raise the young.  All species train and prepare their young with the skills to, first, survive, and hopefully to flourish.  Some of the preparation is play.  Other is the harder stuff – the risks, failures, attacks from predators, the uncertainties of weather, sometimes starvation.  But more often than […]


Certainly we want peace, but what are the steps which will turn our direction from current society to living in peace? This is a very good question, one that many people have. We must start with the purpose or premise of A Return to Peace, which is that we must … return to peace!  It […]


Is World Peace possible?  Of course it is.  Anything is possible if we want it enough. But why aren’t we living in peace now.  After all, we are the “intelligent” species, supposedly at the top of the food chain.  So why are we hating, killing, destroying? The reason is that modern humans are not living […]

THE ENVIRONMENT: Protecting Earth and life on it

THE ENVIRONMENT:  Protecting Earth and life on it All living things have a purpose – a niche.  If the niche disappears, so does the species.  Dinosaurs are but one example. Life on Earth is an amazing balance.  Every living thing gives and takes.  Every living thing has a purpose, although we may not understand what […]


HOW COULD PEOPLE GLOBALLY UNITE? We can achieve world peace if: People globally unite around a higher Vision; and We reach a critical mass of membership With these 2 items achieved, a Global Grassroots Movement will have begun and we will have acquired a voice.  In essence, from a human standpoint it is our world, […]


Is the Earth getting hotter?  Or colder? Are humans affecting the climate, altering temperatures by even a degree or 2? Do we have the right?  Does our birthright give us license to alter and destroy? Are we living in conflict with each other, with Earth, and the rest of life on it? If you are […]


Healthy, vibrant, successful species DO NOT OVER-POPULATE.  They limit population size to the available land, food, water, etc. If they don’t, Mother Nature steps in, via weather, disease, predators, insufficient resources (land, food, water).  This is true of all 10 million current plant and animal species living on Earth today. Humans today are NOT living […]

THE ENVIRONMENT: Cleaning the Oceans

Earth is ¼ land and ¾ ocean, yet we have so polluted the ¾ that is ocean that we caution pregnant women against eating fish (toxins like Mercury collect in the fetus more than in the mother). Currently a garbage dump the size of France is floating in our Pacific Ocean, with the internation crisis […]


Humans live in groups, communities, villages, tribes.  According to a study quoted in Peter Block’s book The Abundant Community, the greatest provider of safe and successful living for humans is not a powerful government or an intimidating military, but connection to a strong community. Sadly, we have a global institution that weakens and severs our […]

DIVERSITY: The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If we lived that way, the world would be a FAR different place. The Golden Rule is a universal creed, a statement of purpose.  It paints a picture of humans living at their best. It is an ideal worth pursuing, even though we may […]


The definition of peace is not the absence of war or conflict.  Instead, peace is living according to our design.  Humans are designed to live in groups like our nearest neighbors (apes, dolphins, elephants, etc.).  Therefore peace requires living in and for our community. Communities can take on many forms – they don’t need to […]

GOVERNMENTS: The Proper Role of Good and Effective Government

Our modern human world is dominated by governments – national ones, regional ones, local ones.  And all of us are led, managed, controlled, manipulated (and pay taxes to) several of these “institutions” simultaneously throughout our lives. Governments are monuments to our laziness.  “Why bother with the hard, menial stuff?  Why worry about the poor, elderly, […]

What is a human being?

WHAT IS A HUMAN BEING? You’re thinking “What a stupid question!”  But do we humans really know who and what we are?  Do we know our niche – where we fit in this grand, awesome cycle of planet Earth and all the rest of life on it?  Gorillas are unapologetically 100% gorilla – and we […]

What is Education?

WHAT IS EDUCATION? Viewing all of life on Earth, education of the young is simply preparing them with the knowledge, tools and talents to survive and thrive in the environment they’re going to inherit.  Any species that doesn’t prepare their young condemns them. Is the above how we are educating our (human) children?  Is sitting at […]

Terrorism: Unfortunately You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

Terrorism: Unfortunately You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet In spite of gun laws and border checks, terrorism is going to get worse – much worse. Stopping ISIS won’t fix it (although ISIS should be stopped). Neither will changing the arrogant, greedy, heavy-handed west and their practice of using their money and power to buy politicians and […]

Did “Ancient History” start 5,000 or 3 million years ago?

The history we teach our children (and which we were taught) is not our history at all.  Our real history dates back over 2.3 million years ago, when Lucy (Australopithecus) and others like her walked on Earth on 2 feet (bipedal, with erect skeletons just like ours).  It is that 2.3 million years of living […]

Why Do We Need Religion?

Certainly, the Creation that is Earth and life on it, is one of beauty and awesomeness.  As to who or what created it, or whether some higher power exists, or which of the world’s religions is the “true” religion, we’ll leave to others to never-endingly debate. However, the conscious need for religion, the need for some greater […]

Human Overpopulation is not a Problem – It’s a Symptom

As drastic, destructive and deadly as our explosive population has become, human over-population is not a problem but a symptom.  Believe it or not, that’s good news! Successful, healthy species LIMIT their population to insure their success, both in the present and in the future (for generations to come).  Our kind of out-of-control propagation is […]

Love Lost in the DSA (Divided States of America)

Love Lost in the DSA (Divided States of America) Love has been lost in the DSA, replaced by those terrible stock market twins, fear and greed.  For men, what they call love is lust – lust for power, the need to be right, money, for a quick ejaculatory release without the maturity or adult responsibility […]

Overpopulation and Climate Change

The news reports that, for the first time in all of recorded history, a cruise ship can now navigate the Northwest Passage.  This is the passage that has rarely ever been navigated by any boat at any time of the year, and it is the same passage that Amundsen struggled across on foot on his […]

Miracle Cure of a Sick Society

Miracle Cure of a Sick Society Most of us are aware that there are plenty of social problems in the world.  No country is immune.  But who wants to be reminded of problems that no one has answers to?  I know I don’t. The question is this:  are we, you and I, compelled to adjust […]

Understanding the Human Condition

Understanding the Human Condition What is the human condition?  What is ‘human nature?  I can answer that in 2 words:  meaningless crap. We are asking the wrong questions.  The right question is not understanding the human condition, but understand the human.  That’s right.  We, self-proclaimed miracles with big brains and advanced intelligence, have no idea […]

GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)

You may have noticed in your grocery store that some foods are labeled non-gmo (in green letters).  I try to pick these items when possible even when they cost a little more, and would encourage you to do the same. One thing that makes our food safe in the U.S. is labeling requirements.  Food suppliers […]

A World at Peace

With all the turmoil in the world, would you like to see the world at peace?  Do you believe it is possible? I can assure you that it is.  We humans have the knowledge and power to choose peace.  Or we can continue to be addicted to greed, national power, and material wealth, which requires […]


On the heels of my previous blog on the subject of Contempt, I’d like to take a stab at the differences between liberals and conservatives.  It is in this area that we have taken contempt to a dangerous and toxic level, pitting neighbors, friends and even family members against each other.  There is a lot […]

Re-Declaration of Independence

King George III was King of England in 1776 when we declared our independence.  His generals could have killed Gen. Washington, but spared him in hopes that the colonists would reunite with England.  Instead, we bravely fought the British for 4 more years and finally won our independence. Our Declaration of Independence says the following: […]

A Return to Peace

OUR WORLD IS A MESS.  IS IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO RETURN TO PEACE? Learn how you can be a part of the Return to Peace movement today by simply providing your email:


here are about 10 million current living species of life on Earth – only 1 can put men and women on the moon, or perform complicated and life-saving surgeries.  So without taking away anything from what man can accomplish, here’s a question:  What if the astronaut back from the moon, or the brilliant surgeon, can’t [...]

NASA’s Earth Minute: Mission to Earth?

Here is something we found interesting: Don’t forget to support our cause. Great animated video for introducing children to the need for understanding and protecting the environment.

NASA’s Earth Minute: Usual Suspects

Here is something we thought was an interesting watch: This is an excellent EarthMinute video, produced by NASA, telling us graphically in just a couple of minutes that current changes in the climate and environment are being affected by human behavior (and are not just the result of natural changes in those areas – changes [...]


One day I looked up the definitions of liberal and conservative, to see what each believes. Amazingly, the definitions were identical – you could have switched them because they both said the same thing. So why has the USA (United States of America) become the DSA (Divided States of America)? After all, we are all […]


Why is the U.S. gridlocked, divided, and dysfunctional?  How has it happened that our government, which functioned effectively for most of our brief history, has become completely incompetent and unresponsive?  Here are some answers to consider: It is in their interest NOT to do anything. By making things more complicated, passing more laws, creating confusion […]


There are 10 million species of life currently alive on Earth.  Every one of them lives 100% true to its species.  Every one of them lives 100% in harmony with the niche it fills. Except one.  Humans, a grand experiment in intellectual brilliance, lives neither in harmony with our design, nor with our niche, nor […]


Do we and our elected representatives and the corporations who supply us with goods and services do so on the basis of what is best for us as humans, citizens, customers?  Or is it decided on the basis of money? So kids are walking home from school and pass the local marijuana shop, and get […]


Sorry to all you God Bless America singers, but let’s take a look at the words you are singing: God bless America – Is He blessing us? Are we acting in a manner that God would bless? Land that I love – Do you? How do you show it? Stand beside Her – Are you […]

The Value of Knowledge

“Liberty is the mother, not the daughter, of order.” (P-J Proudhon).  Likewise, wisdom is the father, not the son, of knowledge.  Order and knowledge are bedfellows – in the hands of the immature, the selfish, the power-addicted, they have no value other than to scare. There are a lot of smart children running around the [...]


Fascinating how our human brains work. We put ourselves down with phrases like “In a perfect world…”  (implying that all the rest of Creation is perfect, but we are somehow defective).  I’ve got great news for you – we DO live in a perfect world; we CAN live in peace; and we are NOT defective.  […]


What is the one thing that is worse than caging an animal that wants to be free?  The one thing is… if that animal caged itself! You may think you live freely, but you don’t (by a huge margin – 30% at best, when the rest of life lives 100% as designed). “It is no […]

NASA’s Earth Minute: Sea Level Rise

A wonderful and serious warning from NASA, a respected agency of our government.  Why do we choose to ignore it? Help our cause.


Here is something we found interesting: … Read More Don’t forget to support our cause. THE PHENOMENON OF POLARIZATION, BLACK-AND-WHITE THINKING, AND THE IMMATURE NEED TO BE RIGHT The Australians are quite proactive in the area of climate change, probably owing to their status as an island continent (of course, surrounded by water).  In this [...]


Don’t forget to support our cause. This excellent forum explains that, in our modern world where more awareness and more participation is needed, humans are moving in the opposite direction, and have become less aware and less participatory.  This is especially maladaptive in a democracy, where the people have (supposedly) fought for and been granted [...]


The purpose of the Global Grassroots Movement called A RETURN TO PEACE is to create a Global Grassroots Vision, with input from people around the world, that will be so appealing that it will turn humanity back toward living in peace (which is defined as ‘living in harmony with your species’ design’).  When we live [...]


There are 10 million current living species of life on Earth.  They all have their challenges, but for the most part they live in peace – in 100% harmony with their particular design, which design exists because they fill a niche in the awesome, spectacular oneness that is Earth and life on it. All but […]


You are wondering “Why does peace need rules?”  An excellent question.  Isn’t it interesting, though, that we have rules of war – in fact there is a global set of rules which we expect every culture, nation, society, and tribe to follow.  They are spelled out in the Geneva Conventions, written in 1929 and ratified [...]


Are we really that stupid?  Sadly, the answer is ‘yes.’  Did you know that we in the U.S. are engaged in the GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HUMAN HISTORY?  Yes, your and my hard-earned money is POURING out of our country by the billions, going to China, the Middle East, etc.  We’ve given billions to […]


You might be wondering “Why do we need a vision?  The rest of life doesn’t have one, and they do fine.”  Yes that’s true, but the rest of life lives in 100% harmony with their design, filling a vital niche in the continuing saga of life on Earth.  Humans, on the other hand: Have lost […]


Society wants to keep us in fear.  Businesses keep us buying their products using fear and greed.  I want to break out, to live free, and I know that many of you do too.  But how? Admit that our present course is unsustainable.  It isn’t working Dig down and uncover the root cause of our […]


“Republican and democrat,” “liberal and conservative,” “Christian and Muslim,” “male and female,” “young and old,” “white, yellow, black,” “democracy vs socialism,” “rich and poor.” These immature, self-centered judgments divide us.  They are negative, based on the premise that we are “different.”  Instead of seeing that humans are 99% the same, and seeking to find all […]

ORDER: The Enemy of Liberty

This is the error of humanity – we are living on the premise that forced order will lead to liberty.  Actually, forced order is the direct opposite, the enemy, of liberty.  Liberty is experienced by species living freely, naturally, in 100% harmony with their design.  Order, when needed, emanates from that act of living naturally [...]

Equal Opportunity

There are currently 10 million living species of life on Earth.  Every member of every species automatically has equal opportunity.  Does that mean that every member of every species succeeds every time they try (for instance, to get air, water, food)?  Of course not.  Such a scenario might make a nice fictional story, but that […]